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Oatmeal Salt Scrub & Soak

255 g / 9 oz $28.75

This Oatmeal Salt Scrub & Soak is blended with ground oats and Epsom salts that gently scrub away dead skin cells and deeply moisturize the skin leaving it feeling super silky and glowing.

OMM Thickening Conditioner Backbar

946 ml / 32 oz $140.00

Healing indigenous natural oils provide deep moisture and slow the cell aging process. Functioning as Anti-aging elements. Jasmine and citrus notes in the fragrance nourish your senses.

OMM Thickening Shampoo Backbar

946 ml / 32 oz $140.00

Apple Stem Cell Extract and exotic oils strengthen and thicken hair. Functioning as Anti-Aging Elements. Jasmine and white tea scent delights your senses.