OMM Hair System is an alchemy of 100% exotic natural-plant-based oils & extracts — Marula, Prickley Pear, Moringa, Amla & Jojoba—with our revolutionary Green Apple Stem Cell Extract. This Ultra-Thickening System stimulates, nourishes, rejuvenates and strengthens each hair cuticle to undo the damage of time and deliver healthy, fuller hair, while keeping the scalp balanced and hair shaft strong and vibrant.

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OMM Thickening Shampoo

237 ml / 8 oz $42.00

Apple Stem Cell Extract and exotic oils strengthen and thicken hair. Functioning as Anti-Aging Elements. Jasmine and white tea scent delights your senses.

OMM Thickening Conditioner

237 ml / 8 oz $44.00

Healing indigenous natural oils provide deep moisture and slow the cell aging process. Functioning as Anti-aging elements. Jasmine and citrus notes in the fragrance nourish your senses.

OMM Thickening Hair Mask

237 ml / 8 oz $56.00

An essential Anti-aging, weekly treatment with Apple Stem Cells and exotic oils rejuvenates and restores vitality to promote fuller hair. Enticing jasmine scent soothes your senses as the mask works into your hair.

OMM Thickening Hair Treatment Oil

60 ml / 2 oz $60.00

Blended natural oils tame frizz, seal split ends, and give a boost of shine anytime you want it. Treatment Oil is an effective product to battle and reduce aging at cellular levels. The light, floral fragrance entices your senses and brightens your day.