What differentiates OMM's product from others?

The majority of other products use chemical fillers. OMM products are made with pure oil derived from natural plants. OMM oil has an extraordinarily small molecular structure, which deeply penetrates the hair, bonding to and repairing the cortex, while nourishing, strengthening the cuticle to create thick, lustrous and healthy hair.

What unique fro OMM Collection Hair Line?

OMM Collection Hair Line is an alchemy of 100% exotic natural-plant-based oils & extracts – Marula, Moringa, Amla, Prickly Pear, Sesame & Jojoba – with our revolutionary Green Apple Stem Cell Extract & Clover Flower Extract for hair stimulations. Our products are free of gluten, parabens, dyes, sulfate and are color safe.

What is your marketing/training support for salon, explain your marketing programs for salons?

We support salons with all social media marketing announcement. We offer product presentations bi-annually and joint salon social events. Also, we provide plenty info brochures, display cards and posters.

What kind of incentive programs are offered for stylists in salons?

We offer on-going in-salon trainings for products and stylists as well as classes and have points systems.

Do you have any salon appreciation loyalty program?

Yes, we have a loyalty program to reward salons who have committed to purchasing OMM Collection with discounts and bonus items.

What kind of bottling are you using for your products?

We use PET plastic bottles, which is made of polyethylene terephthalate. PET is a highly valued packaging material because it is strong yet lightweight, non-reactive, economical, and shatterproof. PET is safe for food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, medical applications, and is recognized by health authorities around the world.

How to use the hair regiment?

  • The Shampoo is formulated with natural oils and is a gentle concentrated light wash. The exotic concoction of blended Star Oils of Apple Stem Cell Extract, Prickly Pear, Amla, Marula, Moringa & Jojoba seal and coat the cell follicles with proteins and vitamins. The shampoo delivers natural amino acids as an antioxidant agent to the roots for a thicker and stronger hair shaft. In addition, it doesn’t have sulfate/salt nor chemical cleaning agents therefore it doesn’t foam. It’s pure cleansing—taking all the toxics, pollutions, additives out of hair and the scalp. It has very light moisture so it doesn’t strip the hair dry. Make sure to saturate the hair with water and then apply the shampoo.
  • The Conditioner is an ultra-moisturizing, hydrating, restorative formula with complex natural plants, extracts and seeds. Apple Stem Cell Extract works at the cellular level to maintain consistent cellular renewal. It also stimulates the activity of dormant hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth. After cleansing hair with OMM Thickening Shampoo, remove excess water, and gently massage conditioner into hair and scalp. This Conditioner delivers plenty of moisture and hydration. It balances the scalp to make sure it’s a potential base for hair growth and makes sure the proper oils entice all the hair cuticle and hair strands for ultimate moisture.
  • Hair Mask is a twice a week leave in treatment. It is an intense nourishing & repair treatment of blended Star Oils, extracts and seeds that are potent in rejuvenating and restoring vitality to promote fuller hair. The infusion of Apple Stem Cell Extract prolongs cell follicle youthfulness, while Marula Oil fatty acids and Omega 6 & 9 restore hair strand vibrancy and shine. It delivers the ultimate conditioning, smoothing and nourishment. After shampooing, apply generously all over and use a wide tooth comb to distribute evenly. Best delivers if is after Shampooing to leave for 15-30 minutes minimum.
  • Treatment Serum is a super protein shot for hair with Apple Stem Cell & Capixyl – a bio active complex blend of peptide, which preserves hair follicle stem cell, providing fuller, thicker and heathier hair. Green Apple Stem Cell extracts ability to rejuvenate, regenerate and strengthen hair shaft. Only 1 big drop is sufficient for massaging into the scalp and low growth/hair loss areas. It is not meant for styling.
  • Thickening Oil is a leave in treatment oil. Jojoba Oil is rich in vitamin C, B, E, copper and zinc, which strengthens hair and promotes hair thickness. Amla Oil stimulates hair follicle, nourishes the hair shaft, adds strength, sheen and cleanse to the hair. Prickly Pear Oil makes the hair glossy with vitamin E, amino acid, protecting hair from sun, wind and environmental pollutants. Moringa Oil is rich in vitamin A and B as well as antioxidant and omega 9, which helps strengthen hair roots. Sea buckthorn with volume of omega 3, 6, 7, 9 and vitamin A, C, D, B, E & K can also promote healthy hair. Just like Treatment Serum, you only use a DAB (1 small drop ½ pump—its super concentrated) a very small amount to work thru out the ends first and overall hair.  The Thickening oil is pure and light blend of natural oils.  It’s very good for balancing the dry scalp, dull, malnutrition and thinning hair.  It provides great natural protein to hair strands to create luster, moisture and shine. It is not to be used as styling oil.
  • Elixir Smooth & Styling Oil is made with pomegranate, Argan and Avocado Oil with vitamin E & B, which calms frizzness, keeps strands moisturized and silky while conditioning and hydrating. It also protects the hair shaft and strands against the heat from blow dry and flat iron. It’s perfect for styling and to use as leave in after styling. Can be used both on wet and dry hair.

What can I expect when first trying OMM products?

You can expect clean, shiny, soft and lustrous hair with the peace of mind knowing you achieved results with natural ingredients. Our products are formulated with non-toxic ingredients and with minimal impact on the environment. Because our products are free of harsh detergents, like sulfates (SLS), you will notice lighter lather than with traditional hair care products, leaving hair frizz free and nourished. In addition, OMM signature fragrances were custom blended & developed with exclusivity and excellence in mind by a globally recognized international fragrance house in region of Provence, city called Grasse, in The French Riviera. Our all natural essential oils of Jasmin Blanc (White Tea Jasmin) provides a soft, exotic and invigorating yet subtle fragrance which delivers a dreamy experience of beauty, elegance and luxury.

Are OMM products natural?

Yes, our products are made with natural, pure plant derived ingredients and organic ingredients.

How do OMM products improve dry or damaged hair?

Dry, damaged hair are very porous, which makes it quite susceptible to breakage. Our star ingredients with exotic oils strengthening, restoring and beautifying even the most damaged hair. The rich natural formula reduces breakage, repair split ends and tames frieze hair. The deep moisturizing and conditioning add sheen to the hair, creating bouncy, silky, glossy and thicker hair.

Are OMM products vegan?

Yes, all OMM products are vegan.

Does OMM test on animals?

OMM products are cruelty free and vegan. We do not test products on animals, nor use any animal proteins in the making of any OMM products.

Are OMM products gluten-free?

Yes, OMM products are gluten-free. Those with gluten sensitivities can use our products without worry.

My hair is fine, will OMM products weigh my hair down?

OMM Hair care products do not weigh hair down, they leave locks, moist, hydrated, luminous and soft by imparting “Star Oils” and other all-natural, plant-derived nutrients. Daily use for stronger hair and healthier, protecting and silkening hair from root to tip for weightless manageability.

Is OMM safe for color-treated hair?

OMM is especially nourishing for processed and color-treated hair.

What will OMM products do for thick, curly hair?

Thick, curly hair can be unruly; OMM products provide superior control and manageability. The potent oils improve texture and softness, giving your hair more pliability and you’ll feel confident knowing you’ve used natural ingredients to achieve beautiful results. Our OMM Hair Products are nourishing and rich yet weightless that leave hair lustrous and silky, full of body and bounce. Our signature fragrance Jasmin Blanc transports the senses to wonders of nature.

Are OMM products good for straight hair?

Yes, OMM products are great for all hair types including straight hair. The Thickening Collection is great for hair that needs treatment, gently cleanses hair so thoroughly that it takes on a slight bend, allowing it to hold styles better and increases overall workability. Our OMM Hair Products are nourishing and rich yet weightless that leave hair lustrous and silky, full of body and bounce. Our signature fragrance Jasmin Blanc adds the luxury sense.

Are OMM products safe to use while pregnant or nursing?

Yes, OMM beauty products are made with natural, plant derived ingredients. Our products are free of harsh ingredients and animal proteins. The majority of other oil-based products use chemical fillers and sulfates, which coat your hair, providing short-term results. All our products are gentle and mild, our fragrance is very welcoming.

Are OMM products safe for allergies?

OMM products are safe, however we recommend trying a sample first. Our OMM Products are nourishing and rich yet weightless that leave hair lustrous and silky, full of body and bounce.

Is OMM safe to use on children’s hair?

Yes, OMM is made with pure plant derived ingredients that are safe to use on everyone’s hair in your entire family, including children. However, you know your children best. If allergies or sensitivities are present, we recommend trying a sample first.

What are parabens and why are they harmful?

Parabens are the most widely used chemicals for the preservation of beauty products. In research, parabens have been linked to illness and disease. OMM uses an all-natural preservation system to increase the shelf life of our products.

What are sulfates and why are they bad for my hair?

Sulfates are found in most shampoos and cleansers that produce lather or suds, which strip away healthy oils from your scalp and may cause dry scalp, dandruff or frizzy, dehydrated hair. OMM products contain zero sulfates and an abundance of nourishing oils to hydrate and heal your hair and scalp.

How are your products processed?

Our products are processed under the most rigid protocols. Our labs and manufacturing facilities are safe, clean Facility in the United State.

Where are the OMM products made?

All OMM products are proudly made in USA.