How Do I Become An Affiliate?

OMM Collection Affiliate Program is an exciting business opportunity for: independent beauty/spa estheticians, independent licensed professionals, independent beauty/hair salon agents, beauty bloggers, beauty website owners, YouTube beauty gurus and owners of other social media sites. Partner with OMM Collection and make money on the spot!

Inform your clients, family, friends, fans, followers and readers of our great All Natural “Farm to Beauty” OMM luxury high quality hair & spa products with outstanding customer service and transparency. As an OMM Collection Affiliate, you will receive commission each time when your customers referral generate a sale.

WE do all the hard work! Processing orders, answer questions, fulfillment, packaging & customer service. YOU sit back! Relax, and watch the money roll into your account by becoming an affiliate!

Our online affiliate program has many advantages. Our beauty affiliate program features:

  • Free enrollment;
  • Your client taking advantage of overall OMM sales;
  • Also “Special Discount” for your clients ONLY;
  • 10% commission on every successful sales-generating website referral;
  • Periodic product giveaways and contest sponsorships;
  • Periodic promotional discounts and exclusive gifts for your referees;
  • Excellent affiliate support by our affiliate marketing team; and
  • Complete monthly commission report listing all your sales.

You receive a commission on every referred order regardless of whether or not the order is a first-time customer.

We will provide each OMM Collection Affiliate with a unique affiliate link and three website banners. When sending emails to your audience, the affiliate link can be in the body of the email, or can be embedded in your email signature. When addressing a general audience, the affiliate link can be posted on your blog posts, the information section(s) on your YouTube videos, Facebook and/or Twitter or Instagram account, or on any other social media website.

You can share your affiliate link using website banners. We routinely change the banner designs to keep them fresh and new for your referees. In addition to sharing your affiliate link and banners on your blog, website and/or social media sites, you may find that occasionally posting a product review or news about our company or upcoming products (along with your affiliate link) can be an effective referral strategy.

Ready to earn money online through our affiliate marketing program? Send us email address using the contact form on the Contact Us page of our website. Ensure you select the department “Affiliate Program” in the drop down menu of the contact form.

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