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Affiliate Wellness Program

What is OMM Affiliate Wellness Program?

Partner with OMM Collection and make commissions on the spot! OMM Collection Luxury Natural Hair & Spa Care currently sales on Macy’s and on Amazon and through our website.

OMM Collection Affiliate Wellness Program is an exciting business opportunity for: small-to-medium size spa/salon owners, independent spa estheticians, independent licensed professionals, independent beauty/hair salon agents, beauty bloggers, beauty website owners, YouTube beauty gurus and owners of other social media sites.

Be an Ambassador of Wellness to inform your clients, family, friends, fans, followers and readers of OMM Luxury Natural Hair & Spa products. As an OMM Collection Affiliate, you will receive commission each time when your clients generate a sale.

We do all the hard work! Processing orders, answer questions, fulfillment, packaging & customer service. You sit back! Relax, and watch the money roll into your account by becoming an Affiliate!

Our Online Affiliate Wellness Program Benefits:

  • Up to 30% Commission on referred purchases.
  • Monthly direct deposit of commission on sales orders.
  • Free enrollment – 24 hour processing.
  • No need for inventory – we process, pick, pack & ship directly to your customers.
  • Your clients receive periodic promotional discounts, and exclusive free gift.
  • Your commission will be generated online and available to you in a report.
  • Uniquely created link & coupon for you (salons/spas) and your customers.

How does the Affiliate Wellness Program work?

We will provide you, an OMM Collection Affiliate Ambassador, with a unique Affiliate Link and customized coupon code. When sending emails to your audience, the Affiliate Link can be in the body of the email or can be embedded in your email signature. When addressing a general audience, the Affiliate Link can be posted on your blog posts, the information section(s) on your YouTube videos, Facebook and/or Twitter or Instagram account, or on any other social media website.

You can share your Affiliate link using website banners. In addition to sharing your Affiliate link and banners on your blog, website and/or social media sites, you may find that occasionally posting a product review, news or recommendation on product you like about OMM or upcoming OMM products (along with your Affiliate link) can be an effective referral strategy.

How to Become an OMM Affiliate Ambassador?

Ready to earn money online through our Affiliate Marketing Program? Please reach out to request an Affiliate Application (must be 18 or older) and provide the following info to us.

  1. Name
  2. Company (if applicable)
  3. EIN#/SSN# (Employee verification number or social security number
  4. License# (if you have one being an esthetician, stylist or salon owner)
  5. Address
  6. Business phone number & Cell phone number
  7. Email
  8. Source of information (OMM Website/Email Newsletter/Sales Reps/PBA/Indie, etc)

Your Affiliate application will be processed in 24hrs. Send your link to all your contacts and encourage them to place orders. You can also check your Affiliate Report online.

Sign-Up for OMM Affiliate Program to generate another source of income and get paid a “healthy” commission. We welcome all stylists, beauty bloggers, estheticians and salon/spa owners and industry licensed professionals!

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Are my Affiliate link and coupon code unique to my customers?

Every Affiliate will have its own unique link & unique code associated with your account. Your client enters OMM website thru your link and uses the code to get their Discount/Free/Promotions. The Link is valid forever and associated to your salon. The coupon code has time limit. In another words, The Link & Code works together.

a) If customers go to your link and coupon code is expired, they can purchase anything they want, however, if they put the coupon code, they will not receive any Free/Promotion/Discounts since the code is expired. Any purchase they make thru your unique Affiliate Link, you will receive commissions on those purchases.

b) If customers go to OMM website directly and not use your unique Affiliate Link, and if they use your unique coupon code (while its valid) , all customers purchases will credit to your account, for commissions, since the coupon code is only unique to you.

What are the benefits of joining OMM Affiliate Wellness Program?

  • Your clients receive much more free/discounts/promotions/price packages/free shipping by going thru your unique link and code, rather than going directly thru OMM website. Your clients get more incentives to go thru your designated unique link and code. Both the link and code are traced back end to specific account, which the code and link are created for.
  • OMM has various promotions on its website, however, OMM promotions to general public are not the same as the promotions & discounts created for Affiliates. The Affiliate promotions have higher level of discounts & freebies offered for Affiliate customers. OMM does not compete with its Affiliate customers. Therefore, the Affiliate promotions have unique links & codes, which is a much more lucrative discounts for affiliate customers. This Affiliate Program is setup so you can make commissions, and support your clients who need to purchase products and in need of your help during this time. In addition, they will receive incentives like free shipping, free promotional items, or discounts only thru your unique link & code.
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